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Finishing Swim Duwamish [October 12]

One year ago, I committed to swim the Duwamish River from headwaters to mouth. On September 30, I finished the swim. From its start in the upper Green River to Puget Sound, the Duwamish is much more than a Superfund site.

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From the crystal clear headwaters, to the polluted mouth at Puget Sound, Mark swam through Seattle’s only river to elevate the importance of restoring it. Watch the videos of his swim here.

learn about the river

On his 85 mile swim, Mark met with local communities, raised awareness around cleanup efforts, and gave you the chance to get involved in restoring this important watershed. Since all of the pollution in the Duwamish flows into Puget Sound, we have to work together to improve the state of the river in order to protect Puget Sound and the healthy economy and environment it sustains. Read more from his blog posts here.