Pink Salmon Joining the Fun

The Mayor of Kent, Suzette Cooke, loves salmon and rivers. We got together and arranged a Swim Duwamish event in Kent, and both the mayor and the salmon cooperated.

The mayor and city staff, accompanied by KIRO TV and KOMO TV, joined me when I swam to Van Doren’s Landing Park in Kent.  And the Duwamish River pink salmon joined the fun – there were thousands of wild pink salmon frolicking in the river.

We talked about river conditions in Kent, the city’s past restoration work, and projects planned for the future. One of the big issues is trying to balance flood protection with habitat for salmon. Flood protection levees block the river from meandering, building fish habitat, and spreading out to slow down the flowing water during floods. So for fish it’s a good idea to move levees back away from the river channel. But local property owners can be resistant, because of worries about flood damage and losing property to the river. The mayor talked about the need to find places where fish habitat can be improved by moving back the levees.

The biggest fun was seeing pink salmon swarming the river before and after the stop in Kent.  Here’s a link to an underwater video of wild pink salmon in the Green River in Kent, watch the fish streaming past me as I swim.

Thanks to Mayor Suzette Cooke, KIRO TV and KOMO TV for a fun event in Kent!